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Online safety resources for women experiencing domestic violence


You may want to close the browser windows on your phone if you don't want anyone to see what links you have been looking at on your mobile.​

How to close all browser windows on your iPhone 

How to close all browser windows on your Android phone 

If you are concerned that someone else is using your accounts to monitor you, you can lock them out by changing the password. If you are worried about them regaining access, you might want to add 2-factor authentication. This is available for most major accounts.

Keep in mind that removing someone's access from your account may cause them to escalate to more aggressive tactics. Removing evidence of abuse may also make it more difficult to pursue legal action down the road. You may want to discuss technology safety with a domestic violence organisation as part of safety planning. 

How to reset Facebook password

Facebook privacy checkup 

How to change Google account password

Google privacy checkup

How to reset iCloud password

iCloud privacy

An Android phone relies on your Google account. An iPhone relies on your iCloud account. Regardless of which you use, if you use Google Maps or other Google apps, you may want to check the sharing settings.

If you have a smartphone that you are worried someone else is accessing using a type of monitoring app, or something else on the device, you may wish to take additional steps.

In addition to securing your account, you may wish to secure your device: 


Queensland government/community resources for more information or assistance

  • Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast (07) 5591 4222 or (07) 5532 9000

  • Crisis Counselling Service QLD - 1300 36322

  • Sexual Assault Line - 1800 010120

  • Domestic Violence Line - 1800 811811

  • Women's Infolink - 1800 177577

  • Mensline - 1300 789978

  • Queensland Police Service General enquiries - 131 444

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